Sunday, 3 March 2013

Oh dear! I've just realised that more than two years have passed since I wrote my last post!!!! Sorry, but that's because I've been busy teaching. Will hope to post something interesting soon!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Phrasal verbs with 'get' task 1

Office dialogue

Read the dialogue. Are Peter and Susan enjoying working for their boss?

Who: Peter & Susan
Where: At work
Talking about: their boss!

S:    What are you getting up to at the weekend?

P:    I am going out with Tom and Catherine even though I don't get on with them that well. How about you?

S:    Not much I guess. I'm still getting over the flu. Do you think I can get away with taking Monday off?

P:    You can ask the boss....but probably not. He's the worst boss I've ever worked with. He's really getting at us a lot thes days.

S:    Yeah, I wish we could get rid of him.

P:    Me too. I'm glad we got out of doing that presentation today. We got off lightly for once.

S:    Yeah, I've tried to get through to him that we are working too hard.

P:    I know, but we shouldn't get too wound up about it. After all, we are earning a lot of money!

Read the dialogue again and underline all the phrasal verbs with get.
Tip: there are 10 phrasal verbs to find!

Answers! get up to/ get on / get over / get away / get at / get rid / get out of / get off / get through / get wound up /

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Vocabulary: life experiences

Put the following events into the correct order. The first one has been done for you.

a. get a degree
b. have children
c. learn to read          1
d. get engaged
e. leave home
f. go backpacking around the world for a year
g. get a job
h. settle down
i. go to University
j. get married
k. retire
l. fall in love
m. get divorced
n. leave school
o. pass your driving test
p. have an affair

c1, n2, 3i, 4a, 5o, 6f, 7g, 8e, 9l, 10d, 11j, 12h, 13b, 14p, 15m, 16k.

Good or bad news?

Which of the following expressions are answers to good news and to bad news?
1. Thank goodness!
2. That's terrible!
3. Don't worry!
4. Great!
5. What a shame!
6. I am sorry!
7. Never mind!
8. It'll be all right!
9. Congratulations!
10. Oh dear!
11. Well done!
12. Oh no!
13. What a pity!
14. That's marvelous
15. Really?

1.good, 2.bad, 3.b, 4.g, 5.b, 6.b, 7.b, 8.b, 9.g, 10.b, 11.g, 12.b, 13.b, 14.g, 15.g&b

Now, try and match the above expressions to the following situation. The answers below are based on a standard response (not ironic!).

a. You’re girlfriend just left you.
b. You’ve just had a baby.
c. Your dog has just died.
d. You’ve got to go to the dentist tomorrow.
e. You’ve scratched your boyfriend’s car.
f.  You’re arranging a birthday party.
g. You’ve passed your driving test.
h. You’re mother-in-law is moving in.
i.  You’re worried about an exam.
j.  You were run over by a truck.
k. You forgot your wife’s birthday.
l.  You’re thinking of leaving your job.
m.You fell asleep and didn’t make it to the New Year’s Eve party.
n. You’ve found your lost cat.

a6, b9, c5, d8, e10, f4, g11, h12, i3, j2, k7, l15, m13, n1

Friday, 18 February 2011

Pronunication exercise!

Test your pronunciation with these basic English words.
Don't cheat and check your answers at the end!

1.    Are none and nun pronounced the same way?

2.    Does dice have an s or z sound?

3.    Does rule rhyme with stool?

4.    Does please have an s or z sound?

5.    Does many rhyme with penny or nanny?

6.    Does of have an f sound or a v sound?

7.    Does true rhyme with through?

8.    Are red and read pronounced the same way?

9.    Does rude rhyme with food?

10. Are live and leave pronounced the same way?

1.yes 2.s 3.yes 4.z 5.penny 6.v 7.yes 8.yes (with "read" in past tense form) 9.yes

Monday, 14 February 2011


Welcome to Englishme.

This is my first blog entry and I have to say it’s not easy, so I’ll make it brief. Basically the blog is designed to be quick and simple to use. With regards to who Englishme is and what Englishme does, you can start by clicking on the relevant pages on the right hand side of this blog.

When time allows, the posts will be dedicated to what I hope will be useful information, resources, learning activities and games based on improving your English. That way the blog is not only a place to make contact but also a place to return to periodically for what I hope will be useful in improving your English.

It’s early days, if things go well, I hope to build a blog that can be a useful place to connect and English of course!

Bye for now.

p.s. by the way, Happy Valentine's Day!